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The Eaton TR7730W 15-Amp 120-Volt Single-Pole Combination Decorator Switch with a 2-Pole, 3-Wire tamper resistant Receptacle adds elegance to any residential or commercial light applications. With the combination of the switch and receptacle, it can simply your life and maximize your space. It features an ultrasonic and integrated construction of the strap and body that provides superior integrity and a redesigned paddle for easier actuation and a more quiet operation. This product has a thermoplastic rocker, making the top and back body virtually unbreakable, ensuring years of usage. With its long, broad mounting strap, it eliminates floating installations. Its back wire clamps on the side terminals provide for an easy installation of number 12-gauge and number 14-gauge wire. It has a break-off provision on the switches for cases of wiring both devices on the same circuit or on separate circuits. It has a rating of 120/277V/AC that is ideal for fluorescent lighting fixtures that are common in commercial properties. When in the off position, this switch will glow as well. Eaton is committed to providing products that increase productivity, energy efficiency, safety at work and in the home, and produce reliable performance. Whether a home-Feets style is traditional, modern, casual, cozy or rustic, it will demand more from wiring devices than in years past. Eaton is dedicated to providing the up-to-date wiring device solutions that today-Feets homes need.

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